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Sunday, September 23, 2007

THAI opposes Don Muang as international airport

Thai Airways International Public Co., Ltd. (THAI), the country's flag carrier, opposes the idea of reinstating Bangkok's former Don Muang airport --now serving airliners for domestic routes -- as another international airport to ease traffic congestion at Suvarnabhumi international airport.

THAI president Apinan Sumanaserani said Suvarnabhumi international airport -- which celebrates its first anniversary of commercial opening September 29 -- is busy during heavy traffic only. In fact, the airport could easily cater to some 60-70 million passengers annually without problems, he said.

His comments were made after many suggestions were offered that not less than 45 million passengers would use Suvarnabhumi yearly and that the airport was now reaching full capacity so there is a need to make Don Muang another international airport to ease traffic congestion there.

The number of passengers would remain unchanged even after redesignating Don Muang as an additional international airport while it would create heavier costs for the airlines because a number of passengers will have to board their fights at the former international airport, Mr. Apinan said.

He urged concerned authorities to listen to the opinions of passengers, airlines and airline associations before making a decision. (TNA)

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