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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Help Desk Phuket Case opened

Metropolitan Bangkok's Suvarnbhumi airport has opened a "Help Desk Phuket Case" counter to serve relatives of victims who died or were injured in Sunday's air crash at Phuket International Airport.

The service also assists the victim's relatives in travelling to Phuket and transporting the bodies.

Most dead passengers of the doomed aircraft were foreigners. The Suvarnabhumi airport information counter will help family members to travel faster, according to Narongchai Tanadchang-saeng, deputy director of the airport.

The service will facilitate air travel to Phuket and documentation for transporting the bodies of foreigners back to their home countries.

The counter is on the fourth floor (departure level) at Entrance Three of the passenger terminal building and operates from 5am to midnight.

Information services by telephone are available around the clock. The phone number is 02-132-1888.

The service counter will make travel and transport of the remains easier for the families of those who died Sunday when a One Two Go budget carrier flight OG 628 skidded from the runway and crashed into the wooded embankment at Phuket International Airport. (TNA)

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