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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thai Airways president vetoes plans to make Don Muang international

Thai Airways International has publicly opposed the idea that Bangkok's former Don Muang airport should be designated once more as an international airport to aid the traffic congestion at Suvarnabhumi international airport.

The president of Thai Airways, Apinan Sumanaserani, has stated that Suvarnabhumi airport only experiences heavy traffic during peak periods. He went on further to assert that the airport is capable of catering up to 60-70 million passengers a year. Apinan also commented that reinstating Don Muang as an international airport would not change the amount of passengers arriving at Suvarnabhumi and would in fact increase costs for airline due to the number of passengers having to board their flights at Don Muang.

His comments were made in response to claims that Suvarnabhumi airport welcomes a minimum of 45 million passengers per year, with the airport reaching full capacity.

Apinan has urged authorities to consider the opinions of passengers, airlines and airline associations before arriving to a final decision.

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