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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Royal Silk, a truly Thai experience

Recently introduced, the Royal Silk service offers passengers that unique Thai hospitality before they even leave their destination with small flourishes that make Royal Silk the only way to fly.

We’re going to be honest here, Royal Silk is not another Singapore or Cathay, but there’s something unique about flying with THAI that is special. From check in, to luggage collection, there’s VIP service all the way.

With specialised counters, and usually a nearby sofa, checking-in has never been such a breeze; and if you’re at the new Suvarnabhumi International Airport, every check-in counter has its own individual armchair for weary travellers while your papers are being processed.

Suvarnabhumi, being the airport that THAI calls home, has a host of Royal Silk benefits such as exclusive Royal Silk processing through VIP immigration desks, and a slew of lounges in the terminal – including the famous ‘Spa Lounge’ where travellers can get a quick massage prior to commencing their journey.

Of course, being a Star Alliance member, if there isn’t a THAI lounge in your local airport, there will most likely be another partner lounge that Royal Silk members will have access to. So whether to hold an impromptu meeting, a quick check of the email, a bite to eat before flight, or just to relax with a magazine, the lounges have all the necessities to meet modern day business travel requirements.

After being fast tracked onto the plane and greeted warmly (Sawasdee-ka) by the smiling flight attendants, Royal Silk flyers will be shown to their own cabin, be it segregated or up a flight of stairs, depending on whether you’re flying a B777 or B747.

Met with a welcome drink, your choice of alcoholic or soft, that unique THAI welcome is apparent; from the inflight uniforms made from Thai silk, to that distinctive Thai attitude, flyers are guaranteed service that’s essentially Thai.

With the new shell sleeper seats, customers can recline up to 167ยบ, and allows for a pitch of 60". So relax in comfort, while you sleep, eat, work or watch some of the latest movies and television shows.

The new entertainment-on-demand system houses a suite of distractions including just released movies, episodes of popular television shows, 110 albums of music, and games to keep the kids entertained. For work, each seat has its own universal power point, individual phones, and shoulder height light in addition to the one fixed on the ceiling above your head.

And of course there’s the food, with a selection of Thai and European options, the five course menus are varied and tempting. Coupled with international wines, and usually rounded out with a selection of cheeses, mealtimes are a journey to themselves.

To top it all off, after you’ve landed and have proceeded to pick up your luggage, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that your checked luggage has been marked ‘Priority’ to ensure a speedy retrieval off the conveyor belt.

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