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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blasts at Bangkok airport, other sites wound seven: officials

BANGKOK (AFP) — A blast at Bangkok's international airport and grenade attacks elsewhere in the city wounded at least seven people on Wednesday, as lawlessness spread amid anti-government protests, officials said.

The explosion at Suvarnabhumi Airport happened a day after demonstrators stormed the airport, forcing it to close down and stranding thousands of passengers.

"At least two people were wounded by a bomb blast at Suvarnabhumi this morning," Petpong Kamchornkitkarn, an emergency medical services official, told AFP.

Two local television stations said a grenade was fired at protesters and that three people were wounded.

A near simultaneous grenade attack on anti-government protesters picketing Bangkok's old Don Mueang airport, where the prime minister has set up temporary offices, wounded two more people, Petpong said.

Another three people were wounded when two grenades were tossed into a crowd of pro-government supporters on a road to Don Mueang, the site of a clash between rival activists that left 11 hurt on Tuesday, police said.

Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat moved to premises at Don Mueang after demonstrators occupied the government's main offices in central Bangkok in August.

The People's Alliance for Democracy, a protest movement, has led a six-month street campaign against the democratically elected government.

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