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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Deputy transport minister hints at adopting single airport policy

BANGKOK, March 17 (TNA) – Deputy Transport Minister Songsak Thongsri on Monday hinted at adopting a restored single metropolitan Bangkok airport policy, saying that three airlines operating at Don Mueang Airport at the moment will be shifted back to Suvarnabhumi Airport when its expansion project second phase is completed.

He revealed that newly-appointed board members of the Airports of Thailand would be invited to meet and discuss with him this week regarding the ministry's policy.

Initially, he said, the board would be asked to accelerate coping with urgent problems regarding varied inconvenience in services passengers had faced at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Regarding the use of Don Mueang Airport, Mr. Songsak said the ministry had a clear-cut policy to have a single airport in the country and gave the AoT's executives proper understanding on the matter.

In the future, the three air carriers operating at Don Mueang Airport -- Thai Airways International, One Two Go, and Nok Air -- will shift back their local flight services to Suvarnabhumi when its second expansion phase is completely implemented.

"All airlines will be shifted back to Suvarnabhumi when the airport expansion project is completely carried out. Then, Don Mueang Airport will be used in various proposed forms, such as a maintenance and repair centre or an aviation show centre," he said.

Aviation Department director general Chaisak Angkasuwan said the single airport policy is the most suitable for the country's aviation system.

He said the department had enquired of all airlines about the single airport policy and received a common view that it is the approach that could give passengers the most convenience. (TNA)-E005

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